Chapter wins Platinum Award!

We are excited to announce that our chapter, the STC Student Chapter at TTU, has been awarded the Platinum​ Community Award for our community’s activities in 2017! The citation on the certificate will read: For your dedicated promotion of the Society and profession, through your quality educational programs, strong leadership plan, innovative student outreach activities, varied social … Continue reading Chapter wins Platinum Award!


2018 Society election candidates announced

The STC Nominating Committee is pleased to announce the preliminary slate of candidates for the 2018 Society election. Beginning Feb. 26 - March 9, 2018, all due-paying members can vote! Read more about the candidates and ask them questions at:

Dragga edits STC’s Technical Communication

We are excited to read the 2018 February 2018 issue of Technical Communication, which was edited by TTU STC member, Dr. Sam Dragga. In this edition, Dragga asks readers "Which of TC’s articles stick in your mind? Which have changed your thinking? Influenced your practice? Guided your teaching? Inspired your research?" He claims that research that impacts … Continue reading Dragga edits STC’s Technical Communication

Baehr, faculty advisor, wins awards

Faculty Advisor to the TTU STC Student Chapter, Dr. Craig Baehr, has been awarded the Jay R. Gould Award this year for excellence in teaching from the Society for Technical Communication.   Dr. Baehr is also an STC Associate Fellow and Professor of technical communication and rhetoric. Read more about his work on LinkedIn. Congratulations, … Continue reading Baehr, faculty advisor, wins awards

Certificates awarded to Morrison and Williams

Congratulations to two recipients of our Chapter Certificate of Appreciation! Kali Morrison, a graduate student in technical communication, and Alex Williams, undergraduate student in technical communication, have been awarded this certificate because they actively engage in all the meetings, ask provocative questions to our presenters, and show dedication to technical communication outside of the Chapter. … Continue reading Certificates awarded to Morrison and Williams

Congratulations to Michael Opsteegh!

Please join us in congratulating chapter member Michael Opsteegh on his work as guest editor with STC's Intercom! From Dr. Greg Wilson, "The theme of the issue is “page design after print” and attempts to identify how technical writers can design information when their work is disassembled and reassembled by content management systems and pushed … Continue reading Congratulations to Michael Opsteegh!