STC Student Chapter Election Nominations

The nominations for the 2017-2018 student chapter of STC executive board are listed below. Thank you to everyone who submitted nominations! Elections will open in two weeks on April 14, 2017


Kylie Jacobsen

From previous experience as president of the student chapter, Kylie’s planning, organization, and execution of events and ideas have prepared her for leading an organization of this caliber. Additionally, her professionalism and amenable personality make her an exemplar in leading undergraduate and graduate activities that benefit both groups fully.

Vice President

Kristen West

Having been the treasurer for two years, Kristen has had first-hand exposure to the operations of this organization. She knows our corporate partners and understand our needs, particularly financially. She would like to further her involvement by running for vice president, a position for which the experiences and skills she’s gained in STC have well-groomed her.


Jack Labriola

Jack has been actively involved in STC for three years and served on the executive board as both secretary and vice president. He’s excited to take on a new role in the executive board where he can practice skills he’s gained during his years as a PhD student in technical communication and rhetoric.