Diversity Week Panel

Please join us for our panel during TTU’s Diversity Week.  Our panel includes Dr. Sean Zdenek, Leah Heilig, and Angela Shaffer. The panel will be on Tuesday, March 21 from 11:30 am -12:30 pm in the Mesa Room in the SUB. Watch the event live at this link: https://youtu.be/CU-VVHYvPJk 

Diverse communication for diverse readers
During this interactive discussion with scholars of disability studies, The Society for Technical Communication (STC) student chapter hopes to explore concepts of diversity in communication to include accessibility for a range of readers. From the rhetorical complexities of closed captioning to the accessible information design of wayfinding material, Dr. Sean Zdenek and PhD students Leah Heilig and Angela Shaffer will speak for a portion of the panel before engaging in discussion with the audience.

Dr. Zdenek will present on work influenced by his award-winning book Reading Sounds, which has been described as  “one of the most original new books I’ve ever read” (Brenda Brueggemann, University of Louisville). Leah Heilig will provide an overview of a previous study involving interactive, campus maps as a digital artifact which consistently fails to account for context of use. It will then discuss possible next steps in moving toward policy definitions of accessibility that extend beyond web standards. Angela Shaffer will discuss how we can learn about diversity simply by experiencing the process of adapting content to fit the needs of users outside of individual demographics through her classroom lessons in captioning videos for clients who don’t have the resources to do so.