National Instruments Visits TTU STC


STC hosted one of its most popular meetings on Thursday 3/5 with Stephanie Shelton and Ali Hudson, representatives from National Instruments (NI), coming to speak to our student chapter. NI discussed what they look for in their technical writers, what it’s like to be a professional tech writer for their company, and general tips to consider when you go into the workplace.

Some points that Stephanie and Ali talked about for students to consider making the transition from college to a job focused on how they can form strategies to be successful. They spoke about NI’s mentoring program and how it’s okay to ask those above you for help, especially when starting out. You shouldn’t be afraid to ask for advice, as NI encourages you to take initiative as a worker and not to be afraid to mention new ideas that you have regarding projects and topics at work. Another thing to remember is that working more hours do not necessarily equal more respect and success. As a worker you should know your own limits, manage your time well, and understand how to collaborate in teams in order to be successful.

When speaking about what they look for in students that apply to their internship program, NI spoke about instruction sets and procedures as the main writing samples they look for. This speaks directly to our English program’s course ENGL 2311: Introduction to Technical Writing, as instruction sets and procedures are one of the major projects that students work on during the semester. Another focus was for students to have basic knowledge in skills in markup language which can also be gained from taking courses in the Technical Communication program here at TTU.

For more information about what National Instruments talked about, consider checking out the attached photo of a handout they brought to their meeting with us. And, for more information regarding National Instrument’s technical writing internship position and what they do as tech writers, check out their website:  

You catch a video of the entire meeting here until 6/16.