Texas Tech STC Student Chapter Election Procedures

On Friday 4/22, we will start accepting nominations for Chapter Officers for the Fall 2016-Spring 2017 school year. Officers can be graduate or undergraduate students who are STC members or will make a commitment to join STC if elected. All executive board positions are open during nominations and the election.

Below the election procedures, please find thorough descriptions of the job duties of each officer position.

Tim Elliott, the current and outgoing chapter president, will serve as the election master. Please email him with any questions at timothy.elliott@ttu.edu.


Friday, April 22nd – Thursday, April 28th

Members may nominate themselves or other members for any officer position. Nominations should include a 150 word statement discussing the nominees interest in the position and qualifications.

If a student interested in becoming an officer is not a member of STC, he/she may run for a position but will only be appointed after STC chapter membership is confirmed.

Officers can serve either onsite or online.

Nominations will be taken from April 22nd until April 28th. All nominations and accompanying materials should be emailed to current TTU STC president Tim Elliott at timothy.elliott@ttu.edu.


Friday, April 29th – Thursday, May 5th

All current TTU Student Chapter members registered with STC will receive an email from current president Tim Elliott with a link to the survey monkey election ballot. Members should read our Word Press post with the candidates statements, which will go live on Friday April 29th, and vote for each officer position via the survey monkey election ballot.

Election Results

Winners will be announced Friday, May 6th, through email. Results will also be posted to the TTU STC W0rdpress blog (https://ttustc.wordpress.com/) and on the TTU STC Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/12905725612/) and TTU STC Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/ttustc/?fref=ts).

TTU STC Chapter Executive Committee Officer Responsibilities from the Chapter Bylaws (updated 12/15)

Responsibilities of the President

The chapter president:

  • Presides over regular meetings of the Chapter, Executive Committee meetings, and special meetings.
  • Issues the call for nominations, announces elections procedures, and presides over the annual elections.
  • Reviews the constitution with the Executive Committee once a year and appoints a temporary committee for constitutional revision when the Executive Committee agrees that this document needs updating.
  • Maintains an online notebook of procedures of and reports on major Society events, and reviews these materials with the next president.
  • Suggests schedules for ongoing chapter programs
  • Maintains relationships with corporate partners and other technical communication professionals
  • May appoint special assistants or committees for specific tasks not easily managed by standing committees.
  • With the treasurer, monitors the chapter’s financial situation
  • Re-registers STC chapter with the University each spring
  • Updates national STC on election results each spring

Responsibilities of the Vice President

The chapter vice president:

  • As second in command maintains a special awareness of all chapter operations.
  • Confers frequently with the chapter president–not only to advise and assist, but also to gain knowledge that could prove useful if the vice president were to run for and be elected president.
  • Keeps track of membership progress including attendance, retention, and growth.
  • Serves as a liaison to online chapter members, including moderating online communication during chapter meetings.
  • Assumes the duties of chapter president when the president is unavailable.
  • Performs such other duties as may be prescribed by the president.
  • Arranges for a log sheet at each meeting–to record names, membership status, telephone numbers, and email addresses.
  • Maintains a short list of routinely attending members and interacts with potential members.
  • Reviews the email list after each meeting to be sure all interested people are receiving notices.

Responsibilities of the Secretary

The chapter secretary:

  • Takes minutes at Executive Committee and chapter meetings, or arranges to have a substitute do so.
  • Advertises meetings and events to members and other interested parties, obtaining the SGA stamp for legal posting when needed.
  • Prepares and distributes copies of meeting minutes to officers, committee chairs, and the faculty advisor.
  • Prepares correspondence related to chapter business at the direction of the president.
  • Informs the TTU community of dates and times for STC events.
  • Maintains a membership list and reviews the national STC membership list.
  • Sends a welcome email to new tech comm majors and minors as well as new chapter members.

Responsibilities of the Treasurer

The chapter treasurer:

  • Establishes and maintains a checking account for current operations.
  • Promptly deposits chapter funds and pays invoices.
  • Prepares a regular report of chapter income and expenditures for review by the chapter president.
  • Prepares an annual budget.
  • Develops a detailed yearly financial report.
  • Annually submits the SGA funding request.
  • Maintains chapter social media accounts.

Executive Committee meetings are held once per month during long semesters via Skype. During the summer, there is one scheduled Executive Committee meeting.