TechComm 101: Learn — or Relearn — the Skills You Need

Technical communication is an exciting and challenging career that offers unlimited opportunity for professional development. But to succeed, it’s not enough to learn a desktop publishing or Help authoring tool—you need to master the analysis process. This is a thinking person’s dream career!

Join Leah Guren and STC, 9 November-21 December (every Tuesday) from 10:30 AM–Noon EST (GMT-5) for the online certificate course TechComm 101. It’s the fastest, most efficient way to jump-start or reinvigorate your career in technical communication.

TechComm 101 covers key theory that you can immediately apply to your work, as well as giving you the skills you need to continue to learn and grow. Each element of theory is presented with hands-on exercises, real-world examples, and plenty of discussion. The course is sure to leave you feeling enthusiastic and well prepared to get started in the field.

STC certificate courses let you explore a subject in-depth over the course of several weeks. In addition to the practical work skills that you will develop, participating in a certificate program provides you with a unique live opportunity to learn directly from an instructor and to also exchange ideas and tools virtually with the other participants in the program.

Get the tools you need to go further with TechComm 101. Click the link below for more information, including session-by-session detail, or to register.

TechComm 101
9 November-21 December (every Tuesday)
10:30 AM–Noon EST (GMT-5)
Presented by Leah Guren
$595 member; $995 nonmember; $295 student member

What They’re Saying

“I’m finding the class to be very informative and helpful. You’re covering all the topics that apply to my current position. The homework assignments challenge me, reinforce key concepts, and stretch my thought process.”

“I realize how lucky I am taking this course at the very beginning of my career.”

“I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn the basics of our profession or to add polish to their existing skills and knowledge.”


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